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    Bass - Catch and Release Law

    Update: 30th December 2015

    Operation Draconian as it has been titled comes into force as of the 1st January 2016 for 6 months, long story short the bag limit rules are on hold as from that date you may as a hobby angler fish for Bass but none at all can be kept. All bass must be returned to the water alive, no other rules or exceptions apply. Commercial anglers can not fish for them at all and the fish should have no market value as not allow to be sold.

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    Merry Christmas

    Update: 21st December 2015

    Just a quick message from me, Dan and my wife Karen, thanks for all your support, reports and other messages throughout the year.

    We would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Rod Bending, Clutch Slipping New Year.

    All the best and hopefully we can catch up with you during 2016.

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    Bass Minimum Size Limits Update

    Update: 14th September 2015


    The next part of protecting our Bass stocks came in to force on the 1st September 2015, the limit has been increased from 36cm to 42cm although IFCA and AT still have bigger minimum sizes of 45cm.

    This is just another case of the paper pushers at the EU table not listening to the anglers, we seem happy to impose larger sizes but it still falls on deaf ears.

    You also need to remember that the 3 Bass bag limit still applies, you can only take 3 fish per day and all others caught have to be returned ( hopefully alive but even dead must be returned ).

    I personally think that the EU have made another mess of this, most people would agree that an NO TAKE period each year would have been not only more effective but also slightly easier to police, after all the rulings do not actually say 3 fish in a 24 hour period, so if fishing over night the count could be set back to zero at midnight. It also says fish landed, I guess that must mean that someone needs to observe you land all the fish or you could say they washed up or another angler gave them to you...

    ...its a whole bunch or muddles but all you need to know to stay on the right side of the law is, Bass must be better than 42cm long to be retained and you can only take 3 away per trip.

    I think we all work hard to protect our sport and although I very much doubt these new measure will protect anything at all, it is a step in the right direction.

    ( lots of points here are my own opinion and may not be those of Leader-Lines )

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    Bass Bag Limits

    Update: 19th May 2015

    We're a are bit slow of the mark with this one but if you are doing any type of fishing, you can only take 3 Bass per trip away, all others must be released, hopefully alive but even if dead, you can not take them with you within the new laws from the EU. New minimum landing sizes are still to be confirmed.

  • Updates

    Update: 14th March 2014

    At long last you can now post catch reports from Mobiles and Tablets... We have tested this with iPhone 4 and 5 using iOS7 and Android using Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean.

    If you find any faults please Private Message me and I will try to fix them. Regards Dan

  • Events

    Update: 16th September 2013

    We are very sorry to say that after much hard work and time spent on this event that we will have to postpone it until early next year.

    We have had a major change in circumstances that means that we are lacking the time and the money to continue with this event at present.

    Once again sorry and best regards,
    Dan and Karen.

  • Updates
    Catch Report Edit It

    Update: 20th February 2013

    You can now fix your own catch reports within 1 hour of posting them should you have made a mistake, this should save everyone a bit of time. If you post a report and cant find it just click on the advance search on the reports page and search your own username. Simples...

  • Venue

    Update: 15th December 2011

    Once this shingle beach was one of the hotspot venues in Suffolk, over the past few years it seems to have lost some of its magic but that could be down to the amount the beaches change over a short period of time. It is without a doubt still a great venue with something for everyone, deep water, easy access and lots of local amenities such and pubs, cafes, supermarkets and the famous chip shops all close to the town beach.

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