• Updates

    Update: 14th March 2014

    At long last you can now post catch reports from Mobiles and Tablets... We have tested this with iPhone 4 and 5 using iOS7 and Android using Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean.

    If you find any faults please Private Message me and I will try to fix them. Regards Dan

  • Events

    Update: 16th September 2013

    We are very sorry to say that after much hard work and time spent on this event that we will have to postpone it until early next year.

    We have had a major change in circumstances that means that we are lacking the time and the money to continue with this event at present.

    Once again sorry and best regards,
    Dan and Karen.

  • Updates
    Catch Report Edit It

    Update: 20th February 2013

    You can now fix your own catch reports within 1 hour of posting them should you have made a mistake, this should save everyone a bit of time. If you post a report and cant find it just click on the advance search on the reports page and search your own username. Simples...

  • Venue

    Update: 15th December 2011

    Once this shingle beach was one of the hotspot venues in Suffolk, over the past few years it seems to have lost some of its magic but that could be down to the amount the beaches change over a short period of time. It is without a doubt still a great venue with something for everyone, deep water, easy access and lots of local amenities such and pubs, cafes, supermarkets and the famous chip shops all close to the town beach.

  • Venue
    Shingle Street

    Update: 15th December 2011

    The closes southerly venue to Orford Island Narrows, this is a deep water stretch. Good fishing mainly winter but ok for a bit bass and sole fishing in the summer. A strong current rips through here from the river mouth at times.

  • Venue

    Update: 7th December 2011

    This is a working progress of a new item for the site, we are going to attempt to cover as much of our area as we can, this is going to take some time, you are all welcome to post venue details to the forum so we can use bits of it... cheers Dan

  • Events
    ICCM 2011 Results

    Update: 31st October 2011

    This years ICCM results are now online, we raised £ 701, see the results page to find out how we did it... Well done and thank you to everyone that played a part in making this work, a special little thank you to Steve, Keith, Andy and Gail for all the help on the day.

    Best Wishes Dan and Karen

  • Updates
    Home Page and Articles

    Update: 9th October 2011

    We have improved the look of the homepage, this new system will work on many different screen sizes, the bigger the screen the more you can see in one go. This improvement has also help with our article viewer, just click on either the read more links for the fuller article or on the icon for that category of items. This is in place ready for our new tackle reviews.

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Sizeable 28
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Best Fish Skate 9:08

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