Fished by Jon and Stuart yesterday.

Corton - Heart Attack Hill

This Shore report covers 2 anglers using 4 rods in total.

Start Time 13:00 Sizeable 12'ish
Finish Time 17:30 Undersize 20
Duration 04 hrs 30 mins High tide 15.00
Species Codling,whiting,pout,dab
Best Fish Codling
Best Bait Fresh Lug And Squid
Weather Bootiful
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Posted: [C] 31/10/2014 at 20:40  Report No.: 6780

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Silver Star bait supplied by Avenue Angling Centre Norfolk (Click for Shop Details)

Oh the joy of fishing the south yarmouth riviera. I have had a magic couple of weeks with a trip to dungeness, with the wicked uncles - all mindfullness, yoga and meditation with no booze at all!!! And a squillion whiting plus a baby codling. Then on monday was fishing chesil beach catching pollack to 1.5lb but today was the icing on the cake. Perfect weather, a slight sea and breeze, plenty of fish, no weed or crabs and playing at home. Stu was straight in with a good size dab and i had a codling of about 40 cm closely followed by another. Squid lug cocktail on small hook paternoster was easily the best bait although squid solo produced the bigger whiting and the best pout (sic) i've caught for a number of years - they are not common on the east coast from the shore. Some nice sized dabs today too and the biggest whiting of all the recent venues. Back to work tomorrow after a fish supper.

Fished by Roger yesterday.

Trimingham - Left

This Shore report covers 1 angler using 2 rods in total.

Start Time 10:15 Sizeable 9
Finish Time 14:00 Undersize 2
Duration 03 hrs 45 mins High tide 12:10
Species Y'ting, Flounder And Dabbs
Best Fish Flounder
Best Bait Lug
Weather Warm And Dry, Southerly Breeze.
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Posted: [C] 31/10/2014 at 15:25  Report No.: 6779

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Gold Star bait supplied by Lee Dennis.

First time out for a while, not a bad session, hoping for something bigger, but is'nt that always the case. Weed was a pain from the start and got steadily worse, it normaly slackens off on the ebb but not today, gave up trying to battle it in the end. Most fish came on the flood, only 2 on the ebb. Crabs were not too bad, i think we need a good cold snap to get rid of them.

Fished by LeadLobber on Wed 29th Oct 2014.

Trimmingham - R Of Ramp

This Shore report covers 1 angler using 2 rods in total.

Start Time 10:45 Sizeable 1
Finish Time 16:45 Undersize 9
Duration 06 hrs High tide 10.00
Species Cod,whtng,dab,rockling,herring Gull
Best Fish Cod 5lb Ish
Best Bait Lug
Weather Fresh Nw


Steverazzell, yesterday wrote...
Result , trimmingham can produce some nice codling, were you at vale road?
Cromer1, yesterday wrote...
Well done mate, nothing of any size there today.
Codon, yesterday wrote...
Nice cod mate :)
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Posted: [C] 31/10/2014 at 09:48  Report No.: 6778

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Lead Lobber

Bronze Star bait supplied by Self.

Good lively bass sea but very dark colour.
Rockling 1st cast but no crab activity as some bait came back every time, weed got worse as tide went out & flow increased.
3 hours into ebb rod bent right down, thought weed was getting worse but had a a 62cm cod which pulled hard in the swell, when landed it spat out a 6 inch whiting at my feet.
I heard the others fishing only had small stuff whtng / rockling so i was very lucky to land a fish that size this early in the winter, i had heard of 2 - 3 lb fish showing on our coast recently but a cod that size is very encouraging for this year.
I have not caught a cod that size since winter 2011 orford ness.
Estimated 5 lb + as weighed over 4 1/2 lb at home gutted, was a very thick shouldered fish.
Just as light faded a herring gull got tangled in my line, i had a good fight bringing it & all the weed in before untangling it.

Trimmingham cod

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