Fished by C on Sat 19th Jul 2014.


This Shore report covers 1 angler using 2 rods in total.

Start Time 19:30 Sizeable 1
Finish Time 00:30 Undersize 0
Duration 05 hrs High tide 03:00
Species Bass
Best Fish Bass 43cm
Best Bait Squid
Weather Biblical!


Bullk, yesterday wrote...
Yep as the guy said park at the top of the slope next to the public toilets free parking but i think the smoothies have gone fished there last thurs 4 rods and a bucket of fresh peeler and little pup saved the blank have heard of none over the last week with plenty of people trying from hemsby down to hopton
Cwaller1968, yesterday wrote...
Hi, I always used to park at the top of the slope (walk way) without any issue. I believe the sign says no overnight campers, i assume this doesnt apply to cars parked.Well done with the bass, i also had ( wasted a bucket of peeler) friday night on the north norfolk shingle. 6hrs, no bites, and plenty of weed!
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Posted: [C] 20/07/2014 at 22:32  Report No.: 6627

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Guess i should study the weather forecast before going fishing! Bought lots of lovely fresh peelers and a bit of squid, packed the passport and headed off to sunny norfolk in search of a smoothound. Couldn't work out why i sat on the beach all by myself watching the huge lightning storm over yarmouth as it got dark - then the thunderstorm moved over me - 2 hours of complete downpour, clinging to the shelter in a howling gale trying not to fly away! Then the tide came in! Had to move all the gear up the beach so everything got completely soaked and covered in sand. Oh the fish - had a missed cast just as it got dark, and while i was picking out the birds nest a nice bass chewed on the squid that had dropped 20 yds out in the surf! Saved a blank though :-) does anyone know where to park at scratby?

Fished by Tony and Billy on Sat 19th Jul 2014.

1 Mile Off Holkham Bay - Connie Louise

This Boat report covers 2 anglers using 3 rods in total.

Start Time 11:00 Sizeable 3
Finish Time 13:00 Undersize 0
Duration 02 hrs High tide 12.30
Species Macks
Best Fish 1lb
Best Bait Brights
Weather Gusty Winds
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Posted: [C] 20/07/2014 at 08:27  Report No.: 6626

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We moved about to try to find the macks in numbers but it was not to be this time, other boats in the area blanked so at least we had something for the barbq.

Next time rodney !!!!

Fished by Malcolm on Sat 19th Jul 2014.

Out Of Brancaster - Ppi

This Boat report covers 1 angler using 1 rod in total.

Start Time 10:30 Sizeable 1
Finish Time 14:00 Undersize 0
Duration 03 hrs 30 mins High tide
Species Mack
Best Fish
Best Bait Silvers
Weather Overcast /southerlys
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Posted: [C] 19/07/2014 at 17:07  Report No.: 6625

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Well what a non productive day , one mack in 3 1/2 hours .
Huge thunderstorm over hunny , lots of lightening , so didn't stay out at woolpack , came back in to thornham just to be on the safe side !!

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