Fished by Malcolm yesterday.

Felixstowe - Dip

This Shore report covers 1 angler using 2 rods in total.

Start Time 19:30 Sizeable 4
Finish Time 00:30 Undersize 2
Duration 05 hrs High tide 23:00
Species Codling, Whiting
Best Fish Codling
Best Bait Blacks
Weather Warm, Blustery
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Posted: [C] 22/12/2014 at 11:09  Report No.: 6892

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Bronze Star bait supplied by Colchester Bait and Tackle (Click for Shop Details)

Was a lovely warm night even with the wind, bites were slow again tho that was prob because the whiting weren't about. The bites started about an hour before high tide with a pin then the 4 codling of 15in, 2x 16in, 17 inches (38.41,44 cm) kept one which gutted the hook for the pot and returned the other three to fight another day. Ended up the session with another pin whiting.
Have a good christmas everyone.

Fished by Adam on Sat 20th Dec 2014.

Thorpeness - Sluice

This Shore report covers 1 angler using 2 rods in total.

Start Time 18:30 Sizeable 2
Finish Time 01:30 Undersize 6
Duration 07 hrs High tide 22:00
Species Whiting/codling
Best Fish 38cm
Best Bait Frozen Black/squid
Weather Light Westerly
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Posted: [M] 21/12/2014 at 16:15  Report No.: 6891

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Did the long drive again to the coast got into aldeburgh at 5pm stopped at chippy then rods out by 6:30pm. Large baits frozen blacks and squid on both rods. Whiting on one rod first chuck then nothing until about an hour before high tide and another whiting. Top of the tide came and then started to ebb with a good tide pull, this resulted in two codling in quick succession both around 40cm but then all of a sudden the tide stopped pulling after 20mins and the action stopped with it. Fished all the way down as was nice to just be on the beach packed up at 1:30am with a last chuck resulting in a codling similar size though thought it was alot bigger as manage to pick a snag up which had 3 leads and a load of line entangled in it. An enjoyable session tho and will be back after xmas.Oh and got tugged and breatherlised by the old bill going out of aldeburgh at 2am so be careful.

Fished by Jon on Sat 20th Dec 2014.

Dunwich - Under The Cliffs

This Shore report covers 1 angler using 2 rods in total.

Start Time 15:45 Sizeable 8'ish
Finish Time 01:15 Undersize 20'ish
Duration 09 hrs 30 mins High tide 21:00
Species Whiting Dab Codling
Best Fish Codling 41cm
Best Bait Blow Lug
Weather Clear Sky, Wind Westerly-ish, Fairly Mild
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Posted: [C] 21/12/2014 at 14:44  Report No.: 6890

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Silver Star bait supplied by Saxmundham Angling Centre (Click for Shop Details)

Started badly when barry had to cry off due to work commitments, but improved when i picked up his new 7ht mags from sax. I still have them, so if anyone wants a cheap xmas pressie, pm me before he catches & kills me. The lug was really good - probably the best i've had in suffolk this winter.
I set up well away from the others on the beach (about 10 lads, some to the left of the car park, some under the cliffs), & set about creating a new snag. Can't remember whether i cracked off 4 or 5 rigs, but if you want to avoid the area, i was fishing the last 'land-slip' sign.
In a vain attempt to avoid the 'tings, i fished a 4/0 or 2/0 pulley pennell / pennell on one rod, & a livebait rig on t' other. Until this trip, the livebait rig had been fishing on every cast bar one, with no success. Would today be any different?
On the pennell rigs, i had 'tings most casts. They got larger as the session progressed, but were still all eyes & ambition. No weight to them. The dab was a welcome distraction at about 22:00, also on the pennell (2/0 version).
Baits on the pennell varied: lug, either au naturel or with squid &/or bluey all caught, but plain lug worked best (or worst, given that i was trying to avoid the 'tings).
The livebait rig, baited mostly with lug tails, was fishing with a 'ting every single chuck. The whiting varied from 10cm to about 1lb. The cod came to the livebait rig at about 22:30. My first ever on the method. Did it take a 'ting? Did it heck - it took a couple of lumps of lug tail on the size 4 aberdeen. Dozy creature. Its stupidity was rewarded with a summary execution. I don't normally take 'em that small, but i don't suppose the gene pool will miss one that thick. & it was very fat for its size, & i was hungry....
Crab activity was conspicuous by its absence, which was nice.

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