Fished by Michael and Colin yesterday.

Shotley Hole - Tay3

This Boat report covers 2 anglers using 2 rods in total.

Start Time 09:00 Sizeable 4
Finish Time 14:00 Undersize 20
Duration 05 hrs High tide 8am
Species Ting
Best Fish 1 Lb
Best Bait Rag Tipped Sqid
Weather Fair
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Posted: [C] 09/12/2016 at 16:44  Report No.: 7746

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Bites all the time. Great fun on very light rods.

Fished by IAN on Mon 5th Dec 2016.

Walton Pier - Half Way Along

This Shore report covers 1 angler using 1 rod in total.

Start Time 11:00 Sizeable 0
Finish Time 16:30 Undersize 9
Duration 05 hrs 30 mins High tide 1515
Species 3 Dabs 6 Whiting
Best Fish None
Best Bait Mack And Squid
Weather Calm Mild Sunny
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Posted: [C] 08/12/2016 at 15:19  Report No.: 7745

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3 dabs on the up. 6 whiting came an hour after top tide.
All returned to fight another day. Other anglers at the head of the pier, only dabs and whiting being caught. All in all a nice day but a cod would have been nice.

Fished by Alan and Shaun on Sat 3rd Dec 2016.

Felixstowe - Languard Point

This Shore report covers 2 anglers using 4 rods in total.

Start Time 12:00 Sizeable 6
Finish Time 21:00 Undersize 30'ish
Duration 09 hrs High tide 13.50
Species Whiting
Best Fish Whiting 36cm
Best Bait Lug
Weather Cold East Wind 10-15mph Overcast
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Posted: [C] 08/12/2016 at 13:15  Report No.: 7744

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Bronze Star bait supplied by Tackle Up (Click for Shop Details)

Several people when we arrived but went to the usual spot down towards the manor.
Sea choppy with easterly wind that was cold!! Fished two rods with 5/0 hooks pulley rigs packed with lug and squid the other two rods 2 hook paternosters 4/0 hooks ,lug/mackerel.
Fished pulley rig at distance the other 30-40 yards. Fish from the off on both rods but not many on mackerel. Shaun pulled in a cracking whiting (36cm) where we had a couple of others around 30cm. Had the usual thumping bites but nothing when we reeled in??? After dark we were left with one other near us.Fishing the tide down started to get plenty of double shots on the lug/mackerel as well as the lug/squid combination. Still cant believe how a 15cm whiting gets a 5/0 hook in its mouth packed full of squid and lugworm. Plenty of fish right down to low tide but at 9pm we called it a night as knackered!!
Just on another note i saw a guy previously who used a golf trolley to cart his stuff so copied the idea. What a solution as it travels well over the sand/shingle as well!! A handy tip for you all who struggle lugging your gear down!!

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