Fished by Tony yesterday.

Southwold - Connie Louise

This Boat report covers 1 angler using 4 rods in total.

Start Time 10:00 Sizeable 37
Finish Time 16:00 Undersize 55'ish
Duration 06 hrs High tide 16.45
Species Cod Yting Flats
Best Fish 4lb Cod
Best Bait Lug
Weather Slight Westerly Winds Sea Ripples
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Posted: [C] 28/03/2015 at 11:43  Report No.: 7049

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Had some good days out this winter but this one beats them all, perhaps the rough up on thursday brought the fish back in, the cod were in prime condition, as for the yting i have had some very good ones this winter but these beat them all i have never seen yting so large, there will be some nice fillets of those, bodes well for the next few weeks before they go on there way.

Fished by Andrew yesterday.

East Lane Shingle Street

This Shore report covers 1 angler using 2 rods in total.

Start Time 10:45 Sizeable 0
Finish Time 17:00 Undersize 1
Duration 06 hrs 15 mins High tide 16.30
Species Rockling
Best Fish Rockling
Best Bait Anything!!
Weather Sw Light Breeze, Sunny Spells, 10c
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Posted: [C] 27/03/2015 at 21:01  Report No.: 7048

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Silver Star bait supplied by Independent.

I had a bit of a last minute urge to go fishing, but to try somewhere new. Managed to acquire a small amount of freshly dug lug and rag, defrosted some defrosted/frozen/defrosted frozen squid, and bought a small pack of reduced price raw king prawns from tescos when grabbing a sandwich :). Headed up the a12 about 9.15am.

Initially had thought about sizewell, but turned off and headed towards bawdsey to give east lane a look as it occasionally gets a report on here. Well, i found it, eventually - should have paid more attention to road signs lol! The car park is still half open as a poster reported earlier in the year, and large boulders are built up for use somewhere. I had no idea where to go so just walked up the wooden stairs to and saw the sea defence work in all its glory. If there was a beach in this area in years gone by, there isn't now! A fenced path to the left stretches for a good 400 + yards , and the beach then becomes accessible. I turned round, decided to drive back up the lane a bit and turned left toward the martello tower situated to the south of the east lane car park. Got out of car at the gate, walked to the edge of the 'cliff' next to the martello tower to see boulders stretching all around the area and to the south. Not knowing what or really where to go for the best, decided to head to shingle street!

Retracing my steps in the car, i headed back towards to the main road to bawdsey. However i turned right somewhere and i went down a lane, then an unfinished track, clearly in error. My mobile phone sat nav told me i was on beach road! Somehow i ended up at the far end of the fenced path stretching from east lane car park, heading northwards towards shingle street and another martello tower. So i parked up on an incline just off the edge of the track and went for another wander to see what was on the other side of the natural defence wall. Well it was more boulders, but a 20 yard walk led to the shingle. Having faffed around decided this was it. I would leave the car parked at top of the incline, and walk along the beach to a suitable point. In fact it was another 200 yard walk until the beach looked free of snags.

Well that was 'exciting' as it got! It was just after low tide by the time my first rod got in the water 10.45, high tide was 4.30pm. I had a rockling first cast on my manky dirty squid, and then during the course of the day 8+ large and hungry crabs came home to the beach. Missed many otheres! They nibbled and ate anything and anything and everything that came their way. Lots of false dawn bites! I fished until all the worms had been used - a lovely day - gentle breeze sunny and warm. Not productive, but at least i have been to parts of suffolk that i had not been to before, and probably to some parts that i shouldn't have ventured into/onto. Oh well.;)

So, not sure where i ended up fishing...Was i on the edge of east lane, or at the far end of shingle street??!! Either way it was a slow and painful day, but enjoyable none the less. Perhaps should have gone to sizewell after all! Any indication from regulars of this venue please advise where i went wrong - or was i right?! An 82yr old came along in the afternoon - we had a great chat for 20 mins. A local, he advised that going back towards the east lane car park and somewhere beyond and among the boulders there is an old 'jetty' that someone from woodbridge regularly fishes from (at risk mind), and catches good fish. Knows where all the clean areas are and avoids the snags!



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Fished by Michael on Sun 22nd Mar 2015.

Weybourne - Left Of Car Park, 200m

This Shore report covers 1 angler using 2 rods in total.

Start Time 07:00 Sizeable 0
Finish Time 18:10 Undersize 14'ish
Duration 11 hrs 10 mins High tide 07:50
Species Whiting, Dabs, Flounder
Best Fish Whiting 25-30cm
Best Bait Lug
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Posted: [M] 27/03/2015 at 07:18  Report No.: 7047

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A big tide brought 5 fish at high tide, absolutely nothing on the ebb, then another 9 fish on the flood. One guy had a codling in front of the wreck. Nice dry day.

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