Fished by Vince Bart and Rob Dix on Sun 27th Jul 2014.

Clacton Pier - Mast End

This Shore report covers 2 anglers using 4 rods in total.

Start Time 08:00 Sizeable 0
Finish Time 15:00 Undersize 1
Duration 07 hrs High tide 1500
Species Bass
Best Fish Bass
Best Bait Rag
Weather Sunny Hot


Westrycorner, yesterday wrote...
A 25mm bass, that's very nearly an inch long or did you mean 25 centimetres
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Posted: [C] 28/07/2014 at 07:42  Report No.: 6632

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Arrived 8am 9 other anglers turned up mid day . No bites only vermin . Reeled in after last cast a 25 mm bass hanging on upset my mate he blanked

Fished by Ian and Mark on Sat 26th Jul 2014.

Orford - River

This Shore report covers 2 anglers using 4 rods in total.

Start Time 08:00 Sizeable 2
Finish Time 16:00 Undersize 5
Duration 08 hrs High tide 12 no
Species 2xbass, 3xeels,1xplaice And A Gobie
Best Fish Bass 2lb
Best Bait Fresh Ragworm From Wormbo
Weather Ovrtcssr, Sunny Westerly 12-15mph


Steverazzell, today wrote...
A good debate this one but i would have to agree with geno, i would be surprised to see a plaice from norfolk let alone of the suffolk shingle however i would have to say that a plaice in the river in brackish water ? Most def a flounder with red spots. Comments please !!!!!
Geno, today wrote...
I am not doubting anyone but i have been on the beach and people have said that flounders are plaice but pics would be great. By the way i hope there are plaice around. I am waiting for mr razzell to give his opinion.
Midfield General, yesterday wrote...
I used to think that people were just getting the id wrong when reporting plaice and that it was probably a flounder. I'm pleased to say that's not always true and yes people have caught plaice. It's never happened to me mind you.
Geno, yesterday wrote...
Can just 1 person one day show us all a photo of a plaice
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Posted: [C] 27/07/2014 at 20:58  Report No.: 6631

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Silver Star bait supplied by Wormboy.

Back to the river at orford. Westerly wind and that same bloody outboard made life difficult.
Nice little bass after an hour put up very good fight on light gear in 35 feet of water. We had it down for 5-6lb it fought that hard? We. Had another about 1/2lb.
Nice to see a tea plate sized plaice. One sizable eel and a couple of bootlaces and a 1oz goby completed the day.
Wind made it choppy and as for water skiers??? Where do i start? Thought that had to be right down the river near enough at shingle st..
Anyway it was nice to be out bobbing around lol.

Fished by Kevin on Thu 24th Jul 2014.

Suffolk Sand

This Shore report covers 1 angler using 2 rods in total.

Start Time 20:00 Sizeable 0
Finish Time 03:00 Undersize 0
Duration 07 hrs High tide
Best Fish
Best Bait
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Posted: [C] 25/07/2014 at 12:11  Report No.: 6630

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